Monday, August 23, 2010

kudos to women braver (and smoother) than i

I meant to link this the other day when I first read it but damnit if real life is not interfering with my imaginary one. This made me laugh and cringe and squirm and say "hell no" about fifty times.

Babe Lincoln's Trip to Brazil

Sorry boys, unless you can make me cum just by looking at me, Miss Bella ain't doin' this.


  1. hahahahahahahaha
    I wouldnt either!

  2. It took about 3 days for the area to "recover," and I'll never do it again, but I have to say, the smoothness was much appreciated this weekend! ;-)

  3. I don't think I can make you cum just by looking at you, but I'd like to try ;-)

    Veronica told me that the men's version is called a crack-and-sack. No fucking way am I doing that!!!!

  4. I get Brazilian waxes and have given them, it shouldn't hurt that much. I've never had to ice my bits afterwards nor has my client.

    The wax should be hot but not HOT! IMO, it's not that bad, really!

  5. Hell no for me either. But I will take someone that can make me cum with a look!

  6. I get them and I love them! It makes everything super sensitive (great oral)...mind you I am a bit of a masochist. I enjoy the hot wax AND I have a bit of a thang for my super-gorgeous-waxing-girl...sigh....going in on Thursday :)

  7. Bella: After reading Babe Lincoln, I can understand you not wanting the wax treatment.


  8. I get my lady parts waxed and it is not painful but for 2 seconds. The wax is warm but never “hot”, and there are NO fabric strips involved. I am thinking that Babe Lincoln needs a new waxing lady/new salon. The wax used, is what is pulled/pulls the hair.

    My sister recently asked me about getting the lady parts waxed and I explained after my husband and I split that I was cutting costs. I went back to shaving and regretted it with the first stroke of the razor. She was nervous and asked about a wax burn because her friend had gotten her eye brows done and had a very nasty wax burn. I have never had swollen, red, sore lady parts due to a waxing.

    I do use the same salon and the same person every time. Perhaps I got very lucky but I love getting waxed and the brief moment (and I do mean brief and fleeting) of pain is worth the 4 weeks of pleasure I get from it being smooth.

    PS. I even like how my clitoris “jumps” when the wax hits it.