Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wearing argyle, and wearing it well

I don't remember exactly how it came about but somehow I ended up with a racy pic of C-Man in my inbox, wearing some crazy socks. Someone mentioned "argyle" and if I'm not mistaken, we disagreed on what constitutes a true argyle. I told him I'd mail him what I considered a proper pair, if he would send me some pics back of him wearing them.

He obviously did not disappoint! 

This one makes me wanna sneak up behind him and cuddle. If he'd scoot over a little bit anyway.

It looks like someone decided to wrap up...

Hmmm, I think I've got some leg restraints that could help you with that....


  1. My feet have never looked so good :) Or so proper!

  2. I don't care what kind of socks they are. Damn! They look goooooood!

  3. Suddenly I love argyle. Great lighting in all. I want to cuddle C-man in the first photo.


  4. It's great to see from a woman's perspective what types of pictures might turn her on, I would have never guessed socks! :)