Monday, August 30, 2010

Mental Health Day

We all need an occasional one of those right? I took mine today. I really just couldn't bear the thought of going in today so I didn't. When I left the message for my boss my stomach literally turned at the sound of her voice. I have never hated someone so much that I've had to pretend not to.

Of course, I'm not sure that sitting in the waiting area of a Sears Auto Center is what I had in mind for my day. But I have a screw in my tire so whaddaya gonna do? And yeah, I only wish that were a euphemism.

Anyway, hooray for the upcoming holiday weekend. We'll be spending lots of time with family so that will be nice.

I had a nightmare last night. I don't have those often but when I do, they're bad. I woke up from it and noticed I had an email from 13 Messages. It was the cutest sweetest cartoon that I'd link if I weren't typing this from my phone. It made me smile and the bad dream fade. So thanks to him for a very timely message. You never know when a kind word or a kooky sexy message will make someone's day (or night) better.

And now to collect my screwless car and head to somewhere. Have a great day.



  1. Enjoy yoour time off. It sounds like you need it. Hope things are well going forward.


  2. Good for you Bella and I sincerly hope you enjoy your day. We call it "taking a cave day" around here and sometimes, you just gotta. When I used to work for others the best thing about the cave day was complete autonomy -- I could go where I wanted, do what I wanted, or do nothing at all and it was ALL my decision.

    Considering your post yesterday, I think we may be similar in that area. I've also struggled with the built in adjust-to-fit-those-around-you habit. To me, after I realized I was doing it, I compared it to walking around in a bent over state; it becomes very hard to stand up straight again and it shocks the hell out of people who've become accustomed to you bending for them all the time. The people who love you may not realize you're doing it; the people who don't love you expect/require you to do it anyway, in spite of how hard it is on you.

    My suggestion for the day? Have a glass of wine with lunch. It's just decadent to treat yourself to a nice lunch and little vino on a Monday. :)

  3. Bell sounds like my former boss and I had plenty of those kinda days where I just did not want to work or be around that type of person. Ex boss was a royal pain in the behind and for 2 years he was a nightmare barking orders and throwing temper tantrums and called everyone around him an idiot. However I made it to work somehow everyday only because he was like a little child or some sort of child hood bully that only wanted to know how far he could go without crossing the line. Well one day he crossed it and we had a little discussion and that was the end of his little fits but his fits got the best of him and now he no longer is my boss. Well just wanted to know I sympathise with you and a day off once in awhile is well deserved. I hope you get everything worked out. Have a great day to yourself and I hope you find away to enjoy the rest of your day.

  4. Even a day at Sears Automotive is better than a day at work. Glad you were able to take the day off.

  5. Poor baby... you need a huggles...

    Sometimes we need emails from people... just to let us know we aren't alone... :o)

    Hmmm... I don't know what would be better.. a kooky sexy message, or screwing in a car... hmmmm...

    Wait.. that is what you said, isnt it?? :oD


  6. Every once in a while, you need a day just to do something different.. While Sears isn't considered by most to be a place to spend that day, it's a change from the norm and not terribly stressing..
    Hope you had a good day away.. And hope tomorrow will be better than today.. :)

  7. Gotta love the mental health day! I hope you enjoyed it and feel rejuvenated for tomorrow!

  8. Everyone needs a mental health day! Hope it got better after the screw (in the tire ;)