Sunday, September 19, 2010

its safe to come out now

Wow that last post was pissy huh? This one will probably be incoherent as it is 3:00am and I've drank just enough wine to regret it in the morning. Poor Mr. Man is sick with a sinus infection and went to bed early so I've been a bit bored and lonely. However, I did make it through mountains of laundry and enough raw cookie dough to kill somebody.

Its nights like these that make me wish for a local playmate who I can call up and say "hey, come hang with me and lets cuddle and kiss and touch". I'd pour him a glass or three of wine while wearing my flannal pajamas and he'd hold me in his lap in the recliner. But I don't have this option and so I fold laundry and watch HGTV. And that's ok I guess.

I hope you've all had a good night.


  1. LOL..

    oh Lordy Girl...

    Just wait til you hit menopause.. (hide all the sharp instruments and guns.)
    I sure am glad you are feeling better, and at least you got some stuff done and learned to build a shed while you were at it!

  2. I also love to watch HGTV or Discovery late at night. At least your laundry is done - I'd say that is very good use of time!!! :)

  3. I like your long legs.

  4. A local playmate sounds nice.....

    Love your legs in that pic. xo

  5. At least fantasizing about a local playmate made the laundry folding go a little bit quicker (I would imagine). Not sure how, but I have this sudden desire to help fold laundry!

  6. Well here's to more boring nights so we can reap the photo benefits. Hope Mr. Mans feeling better soon.

  7. Hmmm... you could have dropped the towel you know... ;o)


  8. that photo of you makes me want to move so I could be local to you.

    Your legs, ass and arms are amazing.... how far away are you agian, maybe I will catch a flight
    your hot