Thursday, November 4, 2010

First toy review - Neon Luv Touch Mini Mite

I've always been intrigued by other blogger's sex toy reviews and have been mildly interested in doing some of my own but hadn't pursued it. Someone read my mind because the fine folks at asked if I'd like to review one of their products here on Bella. Of course I said yes. I mean this IS a sex blog and I AM into sex, and they DO sell sex what's to refuse?

Within a few days I received, free of charge, the Neon Luv Touch Mini Mite to, ahem, play with. Now, I love mini vibrators. Love them. Maybe because they're so cute, compact and portable, and did I mention cute? However, it has been my experience that when it comes to making me cum, mini vibes tend to fall a bit short. I mean, they can get the job done but less, um, powerfully, or something. If you know me at all, you know that my motto is "never say never" and I especially never say never to trying a new vibe. And yeah, they're so damn adorable that I can't resist them anyway. Kind of like musicians. But that's another post.

The product arrived in very discreet packaging which is always important in keeping secret sexy side activities on the down low from nosy mail carriers and neighbors. And look how cute! And pink! I immediately named her Pixie. What? I name all my sex toys. Gah, y'all are so weird.

The Luv Touch is quite inexpensive ($9.99 on, requires one AA battery and comes in a variety of bright colors and even Glow in the Dark! The vibe feels great to the touch, almost silky-like. Also, notice the four different head attachments. My first mission? To test out each head to see how they felt on my lady bits and find my favorite one. The one that would send me over the edge into, well, you know, mini vibe bliss. And so, I inserted a battery and got busy.

Positives: Silky feel of the vibe in my hand, compact size, great color, perfect for travel or throwing in your purse or pocket on date night (yeah, I go on THOSE kind of dates), had enough power to potentially get me off, the four different heads were great (my favorite was the 2nd one in case you were wondering), easy clean up with soap and water, and it is waterproof, although I didn't test that feature.

Negatives: A bit noisy although I have come to expect that from less expensive toys. The biggest negative was the on/off switch. The top third (or bottom third, depending on how you look at it) of the vibe twists to either an "on", "off" or "open" position. At first it worked fine but as I would turn it off to change out the heads, it started to become more difficult to turn back on. It appeared that the top of the vibe wasn't pressing down on the battery hard enough to make it vibrate. This problem kind of ruined the mood for me.

Conclusion: While I was pleased with the silky feel, size, cuteness and vibration strength, I was unable to orgasm due to the on/off issue. I would definitely try another one of these in hopes that my particular vibe was an anomaly because I really do want to like this toy.

Rating: C

I hope you enjoyed my first (but hopefully not last) toy review!

Goodnight all.



  1. Thanks for a great first review! I like that this one has different heads and the price is definitely good!

  2. Why dont you show us it in action.

  3. Great review hon :)

    I love the *idea* of the mini vibes, but am never happy with their performance. Disappointing.

  4. That looks too cute and easy to put in my purse!!

  5. I HAVEN'T used it yet.. But I'll let you know how it goes