Thursday, November 11, 2010

goodbye sin city

C-Man gave an excellent recount of our last evening in Vegas together but I'll add my perspective here, as always. C-Man is quite the planner and knowing that we would have very limited time in Vegas for sight-seeeing, he had suggested a champagne filled limo tour of some of the highlights. Perfect plan! M and I got gorgeous for our boys and tumbled (yeah, that's a pretty literal description I'd say) into the limo and basically traded husbands. M claimed territory next to Mr. Man and C-Man and I sat sort of together. In hindsight, I sould have sat in C-Man's lap the entire time but I suppose I'll save that for the next limo ride.

It was lovely and sexy. The highlights of which were the free flowing champagne, posing for pictures at the Las Vegas sign, watching the Bellagio Fountain Show and of course, The Fremont Street Experience (which I loved btw)! We are having a great time, laughing, site seeing, talking...and then C-Man points to the other side of the limo and there is M all up in Mr. Man's bizniz! Now why, at this point, I didn't jump C-Man in the limo I will never know. Sometimes I am a complete idiot. And sometimes, I'm still that really shy girl who doesn't quite know what to do with herself.

As N 2 Deep said, we go back to the hotel. C-Man's account of M's boxing out of Mr. Man in the elevator at our floor is spot on but I honestly didn't realize that was happening until he filled me in on M's clever man trapping skilz. I wasn't sure how the swap was going to go down but I guess I didn't need to worry!

Kissing another man in public seems almost naughtier than fucking him in private. Have I mentioned that I laid a quick but passionate kiss on him in the Bellagio earlier? No? Well I did and he loved it I must say. Kissing in the hallway on the way to our room just felt so....dirty...I like dirty.

Vegas in general, the crazy travel schedule and the time difference had made us very worn out lovers. But we managed I assure you. As C-Man said, the rest is a bit hazy. Like an erotic dream you can't quite remember in the morning but try really hard to so you can relive it throughout the day. There was a perfect combo of fucking, cuddling and napping. Enough said.

We had to say goodbye to them that "morning" since our flight was so damn early. Sleep was way down the priority list and Mr. Man even headed to the casino after his adventures with M. I got a text from Mr. Man on his way to the slot machines..."Have fun? I sure did". Cracked me up. Like we'd just been to Disneyworld or something. I love him and I love that M makes him feel so good.

We'll see them again in a little over a month when they make their way south again. I am liking this arrangement very much.



  1. Bravo to you guys, sounds like a great trip even on the truncated time schedule. I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves.

  2. you know what they say: "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"

    unless of course... you are a blogger !


  3. I'm glad to hear that this arrangement is working out so well for all of you!

  4. I love that you were still shy & unsure in the limo! That's totally something I can relate to. I've had the guy naked, and he's undressing me, and I kinda wonder, "so...this is on? yeah? you sure?"

    I am so happy you two have found a couple to explore with. Can't wait for December - make it a good one! That's my bday month! ;-)

  5. Sounds like a kickass time. I love Vegas.
    Cant wait to hear more.

  6. Thanks for you recent comment on my blog. Every bit of the blog was 100% true, it really took my by surprize.... must admit I kind of wish it would have been you : )

  7. December can't get here soon enough.

  8. I think Vegas is the greatest place on earth for experiencing "adult adventures." Many fond memories myself, can't wait to read more!