Thursday, April 21, 2011

playing with toys (and boys)

"Does that pussy feel good?"

His commanding voice penetrated my ear through the phone.

I moaned "yes, god, oh so good baby."

"Are you going to cum for me slut?"

Another aggressive question from him. Another breathless moan from me.

I was using a new toy I'd been asked to review. A Japanese G-Spot Squirmy from EdenFantasys to be specific. A lavender one to be even more so.

Honestly, I'd never been that keen on g-spot stimulation. I mean, it makes me feel like I'm going to pee all over the place and for me, that's just not a pleasant sensation and kind of ruins the sexy. But I'm all for trying new and sexy things for the sake of research. 

Once I got it out of the package I was pleased with the feel of it. Soft, silky almost, firm. A good size too, not huge but not tiny either, just right. Goldilocks would approve. And those nubs...I couldn't wait to try out those nubs.

So first, the technical stuff, all of which you can read about here but this is my brief take...The clit attachment vibrates with your choice of three speeds. The shaft twirls around, also with three different speeds and a reverse direction option to shake things up a bit. The control pad lights up with the lowest speed showing one light and on up to three lights for when you are in the mood to max the mutha out. It's relatively quiet, one of my quieter toys actually so that's nice. Wanna use it in the shower? Go for it, this baby is waterproof. Just make sure you have AAA batteries handy. But really, what kind of a sex toy user are you if you don't keep a supply of batteries at the ready?

Another similar disclaimer about me...I've also never been big on using a toy for insertion. I have always found my favorite toys to be clit stimulation only. I mean, that's all I need to cum quick and hard. Insertion is great and all but not my first go-to if my end goal is a nice climax. Even with other rabbit vibrators that I own, I usually would only use the cute bunny ears to do my business and the shaft was simply a convenient thing to hang on to. I'm weird, I know.

But this, this would give me the best of both worlds right? As well, it would spin around inside me AND vibrate my yummy bits! Bonus! Off came my clothes and into the bed I went. Somehow I ended up on the phone with C-Man and soaking wet in all the right places. I have no idea how that came about but it was quite the yummy afternoon.

I was not disappointed in my new friend. The best way I can describe it was like a lovely massage for my girl parts. Depending on the angle I tilted it, it hit The Spot with as much intensity as I wished. I wasn't sure I'd like the twirling aspect inside me but I did; hence the massaging effect that I found pleasant and subtle. For me, subtle is good when it comes to messing around with my g-spot. See previous mention of peeing all over self. Yeah yeah, I know its supposed to feel like that and that means you've hit the right place but personally, I like subtle. Usually anyway and in this case, definitely.

I found myself holding the toy steady at an angle I liked and allowing it to do all the work. The twirling of the shaft made the clit stimulator hit my sweet pea at regular intervals, teasing me and building the plea
sure slowly. Until, and oh yeah, it happened more than once, I exploded into a writhing ball of happy goo.

Negatives? None to speak of.  This cutie gets the second favorite spot among my collection of sex toys. I still can't beat my trusty nubby bullet for compactness and speedy work. But this one does come quite close.

My phone sex conversation ended with whimpers and breathless moans from me and an "I'm so gonna use that on you next week" from C-Man. And he will.

Happy playing!



  1. Love reading these reviews - and about the phone sex too of course! I'm going to keep on reading and learning so I'll be ready when it's time to buy some toys for my wife ;)

  2. you'll be my go to blogger when i buy a new one!