Saturday, December 31, 2011

i should write while drinking more often

So, I'm on my second HUGE glass of Moscato and decided to sign in. Wise? Probably not, but you are all safe for now. When I say I'm on # 3, then things might get interesting so stay tuned. Mr. Man and I aren't going out tonight, we never do on NYE, even before kiddo came along. I've always wanted to though. But I've always wanted a lot of things.

I'll be honest, today was tough. The ex, (let's call him Sean. Not his real name but it popped in my head so go with it) ran the race I was supposed to be in today and he picked up my t-shirt for me. Sweet right? Its probably bad karma to wear a t-shirt from a race you didn't run but I've decided that karma can bite my ass this year.

Sean and I are planning to have lunch next week to catch up on each others lives. He's a great guy and has done very well for himself and his family, financially anyway. But money isn't everything. From what I've gathered so far, he's been in a very bad marriage for a very long time. And stays in it for the kids as many tend to do. I feel so fortunate to have been raised in a stable home and to be raising my kiddo in one as well. (yeah yeah, an argument can be made that I'm not stable. shut up).

Anyway, I'm not sure how much I'll write about him although I do want to. I was with him at a vulnerable time in my life and was really trying to find my way. Still am its true but wow, I was a completely lost puppy back in those days. He was always a gentleman and treated me perfectly. But there were other people involved on both sides messing up the equation blah blah blah. Stupid kid stuff. Regardless of that, I didn't love him so it didn't matter. And holy hell, now I'm rambling.

It's time to sign off now because I'm about to seduce my sexy husband (who is immersed in a book) as I hobble to the fridge for glass # 3. I love him so much. This aircast gives my booty an extra wiggle when I walk and I plan to use that to its fullest advantage.


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