Monday, January 2, 2012

sleepy post

I took a "sleep aid" a little bit ago so if this ends abruptly its because I've dozed off. Today was pretty productive for me. Made good progress on a work project, got back in the gym and otherwise prioritized some things. I've also been talking with a couple of potential babysitters so here's hoping for a better balance of mommy Bella and sexy Bella. Whatever that entails. Not that mom's can't be sexy but eh, whatever. I know what I meant.

Oh, guess who has turned out to be completely psycho? Sean's wife. I knew she was crazy but she's proving to truly have her husband's balls in a vice. At first she was "fine" with Sean talking to me but has since waffled and now its all weird and I am apparently not allowed to speak to him. I find this somewhat hilarious but also sad. There's some back story to all of this as she was on and off with him in our college days. He asked if he could mail me my race t-shirt since I guess he's not allowed to even drop it by my office or come within 10 feet of me so he can at least throw it my direction. I told him to just keep it. On one hand I'm thinking dude, grow a pair and stop letting her walk all over you. But then again, there are kids involved and I can't relate to his situation so who am I to judge? And so I'm keeping my opinions to myself and sharing them with strangers on the internet (ha). It makes me even more thankful that Mr. Man is a reasonable guy and that we don't have this bizarre animosity that they seem to have been dealing with for years. Where is the love people, where is the love???

And now I am truly about to faceplant onto the keyboard.

Goodnight lovers.

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