Tuesday, January 24, 2012

gimme more

I've always been pretty confident in my kissing abilities but validation and feedback are still nice.

It had been several days since Jake and I had our little lunchtime tryst and while I hoped he'd liked the little taste of me that I'd given him, I wasn't 100% certain that he wanted more. Maybe this was a one time make out session in the back parking lot of a nice restaurant and since I'd given up on ever touching the man anyway, I was prepared to be happy enough with that possibility.

Au contraire!

The text from him said "so, are we gonna do lunch again soon"? My response was a cool, "sure, just let me know when you're free". I got back this reply..."I say we eat somewhere quick and save more time for dessert"...and later "or we could just skip lunch altogether"...


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  1. Bella,

    I told you, he's hooked :)

    Mr. No Name