Sunday, January 22, 2012

One of many reasons I keep blogging

I find it kind of amazing when my random, sometimes crude posts cause someone else to think about issues I've mentioned and then share their own perspectives and shape them into posts on their blogs. I always learn something about the other person, and many times about myself.

Fruit Taster did this the other day and as usual, his thoughts dance across the screen with a clarity that usually eludes my own writing.

Here's to being "sexful".



  1. Wow. What a beautiful compliment Bella! Thank you so much! I'm sure you are way too nice to me, but don't let me stop you. ;)

  2. Bella,

    I have noticed that blogging topics seems to go in circles. We will read something that moves us, makes us think or just makes us laugh and it will inspire our own post and ours in turn will inspire another. It is fun to watch the topic travel from person to person and see each individual's take on the subject.

    Mr. No Name