Saturday, January 7, 2012

this is SUCH a white trash post

It's Saturday night and I'm bored. But that's better than puking at midnight from too much tequila, as was the case last night. I am too old for that much alcohol. I told a friend the other day that I knew my "sweet spot" for imbibing just enough alcohol to enjoy myself (and letting others enjoy me if that happens to be the scenario) but to avoid a morning hangover. This is true for beer and wine but is apparently NOT true for tequila. What.The.Hell. 

I hope the Sean and his Psycho Wife drama is over. And I cross my fingers as I type that. There was some very mature (sarcasm) Facebook passive aggressiveness that went down which solidified my final decision to 1. block her and 2. tell Sean I want nothing to do with her. Additionally, the chick was/is hounding Sean to ask me and Mr. Man to dinner  so we can "chat" (read, MURDER the ex-girlfriend over pot roast). This is after slamming me verbally and not allowing Sean to see or speak to me because she is afraid I am going to "steal him away", among other things too ridiculous to mention here. Trust me, there is some wicked back story that I can't even write about due to the risk of my eyeballs bursting in rage. My answer to that invitation was a big hella no, I want nothing to do with your two-bit whore skank wife. Ok, so I didn't use those EXACT words but I did not spare the "fuck her"s and "grow a pair"s. What? I can be as classy or as white trash as the situation warrants. Its a shame, but really? I'd like Sean to be in my life but I'm not sure that's possible with his bizarre baggage.

Ok I'm done. Keep it classy Bella, keep it classy.

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  1. I learned from a recent trip down south that no matter how important someone might have been along the path of how I came to be, it might be best to keep them where they were: the past. Catching up and all was great, but once their reality was revealed (and it was a most unflattering reality) that totally clashed with my own, I stepped away. I realized that who we are today definitely does not mean we should jump back into things just because we were significant for one another at one point in time.

    Sometimes keeping someone from the past in the past tends to be best for us, even when we would rather live with that person in the now. Nostalgia can be a real bitch at times.

    I do wish the unhinged would step off the train and lighten the load for the rest of us.