Tuesday, February 28, 2012

serious and sexy things

In spite of my last post about balance, there have been some sexy things going on as well.

Mr. Man and I have had some hot sex in the past couple of weeks (even a session in an empty house with no worries about waking kiddo and the fact that I could be as loud as I wanted to was very freeing. I may have scared the dog however.) Mr. Man knows just how to touch me and is a patient, sexy man. Also, Best.Backrubs.Ever.

I know I've said this before but life is hard, married life is harder and married life with kid(s) is even more so. Work, child rearing, bill paying, laundry folding, and all of those everyday routine things can get in the way of romance and couple time. I want to do much better with not taking Mr. Man for granted or overlooking things that he does for our family. Our marriage and family unit is the most important thing and I want it to remain as strong as possible. If that means that at some point we need to halt this "arrangement" that we have, I will not hesitate to do so. I love him so much and sometimes I wonder if we are doing more harm than good with some of the decisions that we've made and are making. I want to feel closer to him, not more distant. That's been on my mind a lot lately.

That said, I was lucky enough to have some brief, but very steamy playtime with C-man and M yesterday. M was witness for the first time to the dramatic show that I call "Bella's Orgasm Via Vibrator". Poor thing, I hope I didn't scar her for life. She and I also got a bit of girl time in, which was quite lovely even though I'm still not really sure what I'm doing in that regard. But I definitely enjoy being a student of how to please a woman. Wink wink. It was also confirmed that I still immensely enjoy being the sub to C-man's Dom. There are so many places and levels consensual parties can take that scene...its an intense thing.

Speaking of Domination, the new spreader bar and ankle cuffs I recently purchased didn't see any action but I'm hoping to lure Mr. Man into Bella's Dungeon O' Love very soon to try them out with me. I think the pink spreader bar and complementary pink cuffs will look pretty damn hot with my black waist cincher/corset. It looks good in my head anyway.

Ok sexy people, my eyes are crossing from tiredness and sleepy-time is beckoning. Sweet dreams.


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