Sunday, March 18, 2012

I got nuthin

I've considered deleting this blog many times over the past several days but have always stopped just short of clicking the button. I don't know why, its not like I have anything new to say. I guess I hope to feel like writing again sometime and want this outlet to be here when I do.

Until then.


  1. That would be a sad thing not to have this place to read your spunky wits anymore. I've been a silent reader for a little while, the cause being that I've been insanely busy, but of all the blogs in my reader, you're one that I check in priority. I hope life gives you what you need Bella.

    Me, I need to get myself some seriously deep sleep. A month straight would be good.

  2. and I for one will still be here to see anything you choose to write. I don't always comment, but I'll stay subscribed.

    I don't always have much to say either, and sometimes use a few 'fillers' to keep things ticking over.

    Don't lose this outlet. You'll write again when you're ready. Take care xx

  3. It's not how often you write that's important, it's the content of what you write that we keep coming back for. Stay strong, and stay away from the delete button.

  4. Bella,

    I wrote the same post, with a similar title. Do not top writing, just write when the mood strikes you. We will all be waiting for what you have to say, no matter how profound or silly.

    Mr. No Name

  5. I feel very much the same, and just posted about it.

    I think you're doing the right thing. Leave the blog here. Write more if and when you feel like it.

    All the best.

  6. Keep it. Ignore it for a while. Read stuff. Enjoy yourself. The blogging mojo will come back.

    Do not feel a sense of obligation to blog. You do it for fun, pleasure - and if that's not your reward right now, do something else until that feeling comes back. Your readers have RSS feeds - they'll notice when you start posting again:)

  7. I have come close to deleting mine as well, even did some editing and deleting of specific posts...but always stopped before clicking. So, last night I made my first post in about six months. I guess it's just hard to wipe the slate clean.