Friday, September 28, 2012

my ass and some words

Dammit, I hate it when I think of good stuff to post here and as soon as I sit in front of the computer its whoosh, bye bye brain, and I can't remember any of it.

Mr. Man and I have several nights out planned over the next few weeks. And by "planned" I mean that we have lined up a babysitter but have no idea what we're going to do yet. We keep asking each other, "so, what are we gonna do on our date nights?" Only to answer, "I dunno." Ha. We are so decisive. Regardless, it will be nice to go out and act like semi-cool adults and not like tired middle-aged (are the 30s considered middle-aged?) people with a kid. And somebody please bitch slap me if we end up at Target buying princess pull-ups or Disney movies.

You know what was super nice this week? Meeting a friend of a friend and being able to talk about kink with another female. That's something I don't get to do often. Its nice to relate to someone face to face who you find attractive, fabulous, and open. There should be more people like that in my life. 

For the record, the Bella-Meter score is an 8.5 today. Mr. Buzzy (aka, my rabbit vibe) and I had intimate relations earlier. Also, here's a picture of my ass.


  1. 8.5 sounds almost puuurfect ;)

    Thank you for visiting my blog...and so pleased you're appreciative of one of the rare times I'm revealing more flesh ;) Feel free to look around the blog to see the remainder of the c**K shot...

    I'm utterly amazed you've reached 333 followers - that's an incredible achievement. Bravo!

    Sir x

  2. Nights out without plans can be lots of fun, V and I are doing that tomorrow night.

    And no young lady, you are NOT middled-aged, b/c if you are what does that make me?

    Nice to see :-)

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to assess your asses. It only comes in sepia, black & white, and blue? I'm pretty sure I've seen it in red before. ;)

  4. Yum. Yum. Yum. Three for the price of one.