Friday, October 5, 2012


an oldie but goodie. a hot day.

I feel like doing something crazy. Sexually adventurous. Fucking hot.

I am a restless bird. In all things, not just sexually. In life. Always searching for contentment. Not even that, more like searching for something new. All the time. Its exhausting. But when it comes to fruition, it's a high that I can't get from anything else. Its why I love to travel so much. New things to stimulate all senses.

New sexual experiences are the epitome of curbing restlessness for me. And when I want that newness, I REALLY want it. Like now. Frustration comes when I don't see an outlet for it.

Mr. Man and I have had more sex lately than usual and this is a good thing. We are in a good place. We're being more affectionate, more open, more communicative. We are being kinder to each other. This seems to give me more mental room to fantasize and want even more. I'm not sure that even makes sense. Put another way, I'm not worried about where Mr. Man and I are in our relationship, I know we are in a good place. And we both want sexual newness and adventure. This realization frees my mind to think about making that happen even more.

I know I must be patient and this is not something to go about in a reckless manner. But dammit, I just want to fuck and be fucked by another. I want Mr. Man to watch me being taken by another man. To watch me with a woman. I want to see him pleasured by someone other then myself. I want him to experience the new sensations of another woman's touch, another woman's insides.

Patience Bella, patience.


  1. Not sure if that's your ass, but DAMN. On top of that... a woman who is open to fucking another guy while her man watches AND you want to see him with another woman, too. Wow. You may be the coolest woman on earth. Another and... AND she has a hot-ass body (and a hot ass). Now, should things not work out with Mr. Man... I am sending you my personal contact info and we are going to elope and have SO much deviant sex.

    That is all.

    1. You crack me up. Yes, that is my ass. After having been made red by a sexy friend. And why do I have to leave Mr. Man for you and I to have deviant sex? Hmmm?