Thursday, March 7, 2013

first encounter of the girl blogger kind

I'm struggling a bit with how to recap my weekend with Frances. I suck at remembering timelines and recounting what happened first and then such and such happened, etc. I think I'm better at describing the emotions behind the actions so maybe that's how I'll approach posting about this.

Frances and I had been chatting every day for weeks and quickly realized that we got along great, had a lot of things in common and yet, a whole bunch of differences that never left us lacking for things to talk about. Once the idea of meeting came up, we moved on it quickly because, well, why not? We figured out a city that was almost exactly a midway point, booked a hotel room, and the next thing I know, I'm driving five hours north to meet a "stranger" from the internet. Ain't life grand?

I pulled up next to her in the hotel parking lot and I think we both gave each other goofy grins and spastic waves through our car windows. Hugs were exchanged and off we went to claim our weekend hideaway. The guy at the front desk kept trying to switch the original room I'd booked with a king bed to one with two beds. As if two bi-curious chicks meeting for the first time wouldn't actually WANT to share a bed. Sheesh dude. We politely refused his offer at least twice, and lugged massive amounts of over packed luggage up to room 334.

The timeline of events is all jumbled in my head. I do know that we spent the first portion of our time together cross-legged and lounging on the bed gabbing like it was the hen party of the century. Seriously. We talked. A lot. I was relieved to find that Frances was easy to talk to and laugh with. This was going to be a good weekend with a new friend regardless of what else might happen.

That evening we ventured out into the city to make some serious hot lovin' to 5 Guys. Damn those burgers and fries were goooooooood. I'm just going to go ahead and tell you that Frances and Bella can put away some 5 Guys, Cracker Barrel, Reeses, Doritoes, and Skittles. Oh and adult beverages. This was a no guilt, no diet, no holds barred weekend.

Next post....the sex toys come out.



  1. Sounds like you and Frances hit it off and laid the foundation for a lasting friendship. Your are to be admired for your courage in taking a chance on meeting someone as you did. It id a mark of a strong sense of self. I suspect you two will have many meeting in the future. It may even work out that you will also meet as couples.

  2. what a wonderful start, and even though i'm a guy, I'll let "5 Guys" make me their bitch any day.