Sunday, May 26, 2013

girls playing with toys

Given the fact that my first visit with Frances occurred three months ago and I am going to visit her again in a couple of weeks, and yet never finished my recap of the first girl on girl fun....well, basically, I suck. And so, to avoid getting so far behind that I never catch up and you miss out on some sexy toy talk, here we go....

Frances and I had suitcases full of various sex toys that we wanted to try out on each other. And try them out we did! There were vibrators, clit stimulators, dildos, strap ons, clamps, etc. You name it, we had a lot of it. Favorites quickly emerged and we spent the most time with those, and some things we tried and then discarded.

One of the things that we tried that I had no idea whether I would like or not was the strap on. I had always wanted to be fucked by a woman wearing a strap on and Frances was happy to oblige. I had no idea what to expect. Was this going to be hot or just bizarre? It was a bit of both and yet, bizarre isn't really the right word. Just...different. I must say that Frances looked wicked hot wearing it (although I don't have a pic of her in it, but if she wants to share that I'll let her do that at her place) and she knew how to use it. Wink wink. For me, penetration has never been all that. I can't climax by penetration alone and this was no different. The experience was erotic and hot but not something I have to necessarily do again to be sexually fulfilled. It was fun to try and I'm very glad I did. But we soon moved on to more enticing playthings....

Now, can we talk about these nipple clamps puhlease! So much fun. And more so in a silly giggly way. I put these on and became a mad woman...dancing around, singing, trying to shimmy and do that tassel twirling thing that my burlesque dancer friends are so damn good at. I failed miserably at being sexy in them but fuck they were fun. There is video evidence available somewhere on the internet of my feather nipple clamp antics. Disclaimer: I may or may not have been aided in my song and dance routine by a bit of Jack Daniels. It was hysterical. And look how cute they are! Like little chinchillas attacking my tits.

But lets focus on my favorites shall we? I was surprised that these were the things I wanted to spend the most time letting Frances use on my wet and willing pussy.

Introducing, the njoy. Frances brought two of them. The Pure Wand and the Eleven. Oh goodness y'all. The combination of cool metal and Frances's skills with these toys drove me insane in a very delicious way. These things are serious business. The weight of them is sexy. The look of them is damn beautiful. And the feel of them...just plain Grrrrrrrr.

A word of caution: do NOT drop the Eleven on your toe. It is HEAVY as fuck. And really loud when accidentally falling off a hotel room bed.

Frances was SO good at using these on me. Whew. And I'll admit, these toys intimidated me a little at first but I soon got over that as Frances teased my dripping lady bits with the cool metal, her fingers, tongue and a few of the vibes we'd brought. I am not so secretly hoping that she pulls these babies out of her bag of tricks in a couple of weeks on my visit.

Thus ends my recap of the sex toy extravaganza in room 334 of a random hotel in AnyTown, USA. Too many months have gone by for me to recall every detail but I hope you got the gist. My time with Frances proved to be both sexy and comfortable. Exciting and cozy. It was sooooo nice to click with a woman who I want to talk to, giggle with, cuddle, and fuck. It was the perfect balance of vanilla and kink. She's damn awesome.

I am so excited to see Frances again and am privileged to now call her one of my dearest friends, in addition to my girly love. Love you baby! See you SOON!



  1. I'm sorry, did you say something? I was looking at the pictures :-)

  2. Awesome to finally get the story, and even more awesome to hear the two of you will be seeing each other again. That's definitely news to raise my spirits.

    -- PB