Thursday, February 6, 2014

a day of good talks, and sex of course

Today was emotional but in a positive way. My headshrinker (as Mr. Man calls her) visits always do that to me but they are always positive sessions, if intense. I'm stressing about some work issues and it was good to talk through that with the good doctor today. As well, she knows about Mr. Man and my open marriage and I use her as a sounding board for a lot of things in regard to that. She is always helpful and never ever judgmental.

I saw Aaron for a little while today. We had delicious sex and excellent conversation. The combination of sexy, sweet, open, dirty, and freethinking works so well on him. His original intent was to talk first and then play, but I quickly convinced him to reverse those order of events. Sneaky girl, I know.

My tweets from this morning pretty much sum up my thinking on the past couple of days. I really should get paid for my awesome brain spurts like these, don't you think? And really, I don't think "gentle" is quite the correct description here either. Further research is needed to quantify the exact term. For science of course. And now Thomas Dolby's "She Blinded Me with Science" is my ear-worm and should be yours too. You're welcome.

On the home front, Mr. Man and I had a good talk tonight. I can't say enough about how much I appreciate the freedom and trust that he gives me and I made sure to tell him that again tonight. We have come a long way in the almost 18 years that we've been a couple. Our philosophies have evolved together and the fact that we are both at the same point right now is so important to the health of our relationship. We know that monogamy is unrealistic and confining for us and we each support each other in that philosophy. He, of course knows I'm currently seeing Dave and Aaron and even though his work won't allow him time to pursue playing for several more weeks, he is approving of what I am doing and thinks it is a very erotic and healthy thing. We have a date weekend coming up soon and I'm looking forward to quite the romantic and sexy time with him. And lest you think its all work and no play for him lately, may I inform you that he received a lady-friend's pair of panties in the mail today. Uh huh. My man is dirty!

Now I shall go to bed because my brain and body are tired. Happy, but tired.


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