Tuesday, February 11, 2014

sex and oysters

Why yes, yes it would.

Its been a weird and stressful week with news of my position being eliminated at ye olde workplace. This means ch-ch-ch-ch-changes and the world is my oyster. Or something like that. As long as there is health insurance involved in said oyster of course.

What does losing one's job have to do with sex? Everything. Ok, not everything, but a lot. Sex and sleep are, among other things, a means of a mental escape for me. I've got the sleep thing handled so I need someone to help me out with the sex part. Masturbation is nice and all but I want hands on my ass, a tongue on my neck, a mouth on my breasts, and a cock in all the right places.

Thanks to C-man, who some of you might remember from earlier posts here, who sent me this sexy sentiment via text message the other day. That guy still likes to tease me with erotic pictures and dirty talk every now and then. We may have had some rough patches in our past, but I'm so glad I can still consider him my friend. Love you man!


  1. That's not at all what I expected this post to be about. I think I'm happy about that.

  2. I can sympathize with that sentiment. Actually I can sympathize quite a bit with that sentiment, going through some work-related stresses of my own right now (although fortunately none of that magnitude).

    Hope you find something better soon (in all the ways that matter).

    -- PB