Thursday, February 27, 2014

some passing thoughts

  • Why do people in Hollywood even bother getting married? Waste of time and massive amounts of money. Or maybe I'm just a cynic. Although we already knew that didn't we? Heh.
  • If I didn't think some folks were assholes before, I sure as hell do now. Bullet dodged.
  • Hubs and I had a fun date weekend and worked on list item number 2. Who am I lately with that anyway? Never say never. Also, while the quantity of sex may decrease this time of year, the quality is way up there. Maybe its because we appreciate that time together more when its less frequent?
  • I had a very sexy afternoon with Aaron a couple of days ago. He has magic hands. Magic I say.
  • I haven't talked to Dave in a couple of weeks. In our last conversation, we were both in a mood with real life stuff. I do hope he's ok though. I should check on him. 
  • I realize how lucky I am to have the best of both worlds...intimacy and love at home, and independence and sexual freedom outside of home. It kind of blows my mind, in a good way. 
  • Maybe someday relatively soon I'll write something thought provoking and/or erotic, instead of these quick-fire lists.

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