Saturday, March 8, 2014

the good stuff

Mr. Man gives the best back rubs, which always first relax me, then turn me on, and culminate in sex. I lay on my side and he does the same behind me, facing my back and mirroring my body position with his own. After all these years together he knows just how and where to touch me to make me writhe with delight. I audibly purr my pleasure and stretch like a feline. Goosebumps happen and I involuntarily arch my back and protrude my ass into his crotch.

Thus, the signal.

I want him to part my legs and feel how wet he's made me with his light touches on my back, breasts, and bottom. He rolls me over and pulls me to the edge of the bed while he stands over me. His stiffness probes my ass and I know what he wants. He hands me my vibrator and encourages me to tease my dripping pussy with its nubs. I feel his cock slowly enter my asshole, nerve endings tingling, made even more sensitive by this most pleasurable of intrusions. I see his face framed between my calves resting on his shoulders and his hands are making imprints on my thighs, pulling me onto him and him into me. My clit is pulsing at the insistence of my toy and I find a rhythm to match his thrusts.

He climaxes into my ass and I soon find my own intense release. We collapse around each other in the same position as we began.

Goodnight all,

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