Monday, March 17, 2014

Hard times two. A wall against my back and a man against my front.

Morning texts...

Aaron: When?
Me: Yesterday you tease. Immediately. Right fucking now.
A: Where are you?
Me: In bed. Horny as fuck.
A: Me too.
Me: Have time today? I was about to masturbate but....
A: 11:30?
Me: Perfect. I'm going to attack you.
A: Straight panties. I want you soaking wet.
Me: Yes.

I assaulted him upon entering. He pushed me up against the door and serious making out and groping ensued. I do so love a wall pressed against my back and a man pressed against my front. We made our way hurriedly to the bedroom and clothes quickly met the floor. I wanted to be fucked more than anything and he obliged. I don't even remember the order of events and it doesn't matter. He fucked me. I sucked him. He shot ropes of cum into my mouth. He tasted delicious as always. I cleaned his cock and chest (don't ask me how cum got on his chest, but it did) with my tongue. I brought out my toy while he finger fucked me and licked my pussy. His mouth and tongue felt so amazing between my legs. I asked him if I could scream. Finally I did and we collapsed onto sweaty sheets. Satisfying and exhausting.

A good day overall although I felt a little "off" this afternoon and I can't pinpoint the cause. Nothing major, just a bit unsettled or restless or something. I'm confident it will pass. It always does. Its just more annoying than anything. I'm thinking I should try meditation or yoga or something mind calming.

Or just more sex.


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