Thursday, June 12, 2014

Flakes are not cool

Ok, I don't get this.
Why would a guy ask you to get together over and over again and then repeatedly flake? I would think he wasn't into me except that HE is the one asking ME to get together. I never contact him to set anything up. Ever.
So he contacts me, we schedule a time, and then he either has some reason he can't at the last minute or he doesn't respond at all on the day of. Which is what happened today. I don't get it.
Hey Dave, stop it.
Xoxo (to everyone but Dave),


  1. There is an ego boost in the asking and the scheduling but fear in the arriving and fucking. My guess is that he's in it for the ego but scared of what might actually happen.

  2. I would never flake on you ;)

    Maybe he got called feet or maybe he was worried that he could not handle how good you are in bed... feelings of inadequacies or something.

  3. The thing is, I've actually been with this guy 3 or 4 times. The flaking thing has been over the past few times he's scheduled something, so its weird. And like I said, I'd think he wasn't into me except that HE'S the one always initiating. Boys are weirdos. :p