Saturday, October 3, 2015

who says i'm not spontaneous?

Thursday, 4:00 PM

Me: You wouldn't happen to be home like, right this second would you?
Aaron: Yes, why?
Me: As in, you could fuck the shit out of me before I go home?
Aaron: Yes. Come over.
Me: On my way. Fucking traffic.
Aaron: Get that pussy ready for me.
Me: Bra off, pussy soaked. Fucking traffic.
Aaron: Come in.

And I did. I burst through the familiar back door, threw my keys on the counter and made a dash to his bedroom. He was waiting and ready. And by that I mean, laying in bed naked with a condom already on.

I attacked.

It was frantic and fast and frenzied. Just want I needed that afternoon. Lucky for me, Aaron was not offended at being used in my time of, ahem, need. What a good sport, that one. 


  1. What a good sport indeed. Such a terrible burden to be attacked by a sexy lady who just wants what she wants. :)

    -- PB

  2. Ha, I'm w PB - what a tough life for him!

    Sometimes hot, frantic and fast is just what the doctor ordered.