Saturday, July 9, 2016

Thursday night possessions

Cash's hand on my leg after messy and frantic lovemaking is especially special tonight. I'd brought him dinner and we ate and talked in his shop before going up the stairs and collapsing into bed. He's tired and not feeling well but our playtime is a momentary escape and afterward the cuddling and laughing resume. He sings to me.

His hands had been everywhere on my body just moments before I took this photo. Hands on my ass, giving me proper spankings; the kind that make me first gasp, then cry out, writhe, and turn bright red. Hands around my neck squeezing just enough yet not too much. Hands in my hair forcing my head back and then forward to pull my mouth onto his hardness, taking in all of him. Hands slapping my face, owning me. Hands grasping my breasts and fingers pulling at my nipples while I lay back and use my favorite toy.

I let him film me while I worked his thickness with my lips and tongue, then at his request placed his cock between my breasts, and then back again to my mouth. Knowing he'll use that video later when he's in bed alone turns me on immensely.

His hand on my leg though. That's my favorite part.


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