Friday, October 9, 2020

A Brotherly Proposition, Part II

A week later I parked my car in the driveway of a small house at the end of a cul de sac. I walked up to the porch, unfastened the third button of my shirt, and pushed open the already cracked door. My eyes had to adjust to the dimly lit room but quickly found LL's solid muscular form silhouetted in the windows of two sliding doors leading out to a backyard deck. He was as beautiful as ever. Skin a warm umber brown, tattooed in all the right places, jet black hair, and full soft lips that could make me shiver when they touched me, and those deep brown expressive eyes of his.

After my conversation with him last week, I had spent the last several days swirling things around in my head wondering if this escapade was a good idea or was it just... weird. One of my most open minded friends was hesitant and advised me to proceed with caution. I certainly understood and appreciated her concern. This wasn't really your run-of-the-mill threesome, this was a threesome with two brothers. But in my mind, it was just naughty enough, just taboo enough to make me squirm and anticipate delicious possibilities. I knew if I didn't go for it I'd always wonder. Besides, I trusted LL implicitly and he had assured me that he'd talked to his brother about ground rules. Nothing was going to happen that I wasn't comfortable with, condoms were nonnegotiable, and he made it clear that they had no plans to "cross swords," as he put it. 

LL embraced me in a firm, reassuring bear hug and kissed me hello. He led me out onto the wooden deck facing a huge backyard. A lean bodied man with LL's same skin tone and identical brown eyes looked shyly at me as he sat atop the deck railing. 

"This is my brother, RJ. RJ, this is Bella."

What's the protocol for greeting a stranger who is about to join his brother in fucking you? A hug, handshake, high five? We did none of those, just said hello and gave each other slow, awkward smiles. LL slid quietly back inside for reasons unknown, leaving RJ and I to converse alone. 

"So, how are you?" RJ spoke in a warm Louisiana accent that my Tennessee ears weren't used to, but that made my knees nearly buckle with its sexy drawl. I don't recall what I said back, probably something about how I was good and what did he think about the weather here. We chatted for a few minutes and then decided to see what LL was up to in the kitchen. 

Rolling a joint was what LL was up to, and I was thankful. I could use something to relax my nerves. RJ settled on a stool on the other side of the bar while LL stood behind me as we passed the joint around. I felt LL's hands on either side of my hips working his fingers inside the waistband of my pants, massaging gently. His mouth went to my ear and he whispered, "Are you ok? Do you still want to do this?" His words instantly calmed me (or most likely, it was a combination of that and the weed) and I nodded and murmured an emphatic "yes."

With consent confirmed, LL's hands unhooked my bra from behind and his hands encircled my breasts and squeezed as his lips nibbled at my neck. I moaned, arched my back, pressed my ass into LL's crotch, and locked eyes with RJ who was puffing on the joint and watching us with a slight smile. LL unzipped my jeans and wriggled his way under my panties to find me dripping and ready for whatever was about to happen to me at the hands of these two tantalizing brothers.

To be continued...


  1. It's been awhile since my last visit. It is nice to see that you are well and still sexy Bella...
    I must come back and finish reading the rest of a Brotherly Proposition.

    Be safe

  2. well so far it sounds very hot/ I know I would go bonkers to ever have an opportunity to do two sisters so why not you taking this opportunity with Brothers. Damn this is very sexy indeed...cant wait to read the rest