Wednesday, March 16, 2022


 As said to a close girlfriend today...

I wish my outside matched my inside. Inside I'm this sexy, dirty, fuck girl. But outside I'm a frumpy, dumpy middle-aged mom. It's a complete mind fuck for me if I think about it too much. The seemingly obvious answer is to make more of an effort to bring those two identities closer to alignment with my appearance, but then I feel like I'd just look like an old lady who's trying too hard. 


  1. hey, beauty on the inside will translate to beauty on the outside. Get your hair done by a pro, do the same with your make up, buy yourself and outfit that shows off your best features. Buy some hot underthings that look good on you. Unfrump the outside and the outside will feel like the inside. I bet you're much prettier than you think. ditch the sweats and sneakers, get rid of the industrial strength bras and panties and go for it....Love yourself...and oh yeah glad to see you posting again

    1. Hi there. Ya know, I was just given basically this same advice by a girlfriend. You are correct. We reflect what we internalize, don't we? Thanks for stopping by. :)