Monday, January 11, 2016

when sex turns serious

I went to Cash's house a few nights ago. He had to work a bit but I hung out and met a sweet friend of his and watched him do his thing. Sexy in and of itself. Then he built a fire in the fireplace and the three of us hung out in the coziness and drank, talked, and Cash played the guitar and sang. Swoon. He finally went to grab a shower and I hung out with the friend and chatted for a while. It was lovely.

Finally, friend left and Cash and I adjourned upstairs to the bedroom.

You know what? This post isn't about the sex that was most certainly had. This really isn't a sexy post at all and it's very badly written if I'm honest. My apologies for that.

Things turned serious and we talked. Or rather, I let him talk. All I could do was be there for him while he let some very emotional things out. I felt helpless and heart broken. But glad that he feels comfortable enough with me to say those things and express those feelings. I do fear that he'll shut me out at some point and I do not want that at all. Life can be so shitty sometimes.

In lighter news, Cash's bff hit on me on OKC the other day without knowing who I was and that I know Cash and have a thing.  I let him go on for a bit before I informed him that I knew who he was and that I occasionally fuck his bestie. It was pretty funny. He was a good sport and we actually text a bit now and did the whole Facebook friend thing. He's a cool dude.

That is all.

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