Tuesday, March 9, 2010

in the quiet of morning

My body warm and moist from a steaming shower, I climbed back between the sheets and just lay there. Quiet and still, listening to that special kind of silence that only exists before the sun rises.

My eyes closed and my hands began to wander. Skimming over my throat, between breasts, down belly and to that place that makes me moan. I parted my lips and felt the wetness seep onto my probing fingers. My other hand wandered over my thigh and up a writhing hip, caressing my breast and circling my hard nipple.

Breathing faster now I reach for my favorite toy and press its vibrating hardness onto my softness. I hold it there, letting the pulsing invade me, completely relaxing my body. Fingers running back and forth over breasts, nipples, thighs. I'm throbbing with pleasure now and tease my pussy with the toy. Wanting to cum but not letting myself. Not yet.

And then, its time. My clit and my entire body need release. I arch my back and find that place that gives me the most pleasure. My orgasm encompasses me in a slow steady hard rhythm of ecstasy. Just when I hit a peak, I say his name out loud over and over and my mind rewards me with several more seconds of extreme pleasurable throbbing.

I'm spent and satisfied. I lay there in the afterglow of a phenomenal orgasm and drift in and out of sleep for a bit. As I get up to dress for my day I think I'll make a point of enjoying the mornings like this more often.


  1. that sounds like a damn good plan to me. Awesome.

  2. Well, there are certainly worse ways to start a morning. ;-)

  3. There's nothing I love more than time to myself without a chance of being interrupted. Especially after a steamy shower - you're a woman of my own heart!

  4. This personal insight I find grabs my mind and body in equal measure. Combined with your fab pics, I can picture you on that body and I'm especially grateful. Thank you x

  5. This is was soft and sensual yet powerful and about a woman in control of her own desire and pleasure. It feels like you stepped into my mind for a moment.

    I have come home from work on my lunch break and done this. I just read your newest post 4/20/10 about finding happiness at work; perhaps a little mid-afternoon delight will improve your work situation. ;)

  6. MMmmmm, I love your descriptive prose Bella.