Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some Questions

Why does he pop up online, say "hi", to which I respond "hey", & then he goes away? Drives me crazy. Time to play harder to get.

Why did I just eat that bag of bbq fritos? I'm not hungry, just bored. Now my breath smells like butt. Where's my gum?

Why did my alarm go off just as I was about to suck off a Shemar Moore look-a-like in the backseat of someone's car? This was right after I'd fucked the other guy sitting next to him. I'll never get that dream to come back.

Carry on with your day.



  1. alarms suck ostrich gonads.

  2. I have given up wondering why strange and random stuff happens....it just happens :)

  3. LOL I eat for boredom too! Its a very bad habit.

    Men are mysterious, I think they do it on purpose!

  4. What magnificent dreams you have. I haven't had a sex dream in months.

  5. viewing your amble breasts in the man's short pictures has me very aroused......can I be in your next dream?

  6. I'm watching Criminal Minds as I type this, getting some nasty thoughts about Shemar now. Ooooo, he is absolutely delicious!

  7. Because they are fritos. You need no other reason.