Sunday, June 13, 2010

sunday mish mash

I just got the funniest Formspring question. I'll answer it later but it made me laugh on this lazy hot steamy Sunday.

I just texted Jake. Why do I do that? I'm a glutton for punishment. Yeah, he texted back but still, he stops just short of where I want him to go. Sometimes I swear, I'm still in high school.

I brought work home. Did I do it? Hell no. Do I ever do work at home? Hell no. I might be having a mild panic attack about work stuff tonight. I keep saying how I can't do this much longer and yet I still do.

Mr. Jr. High and I have been playing text tag. He is equal parts annoying and fun to me. Eh.

I almost deleted my mommy blog today but then decided to just let it sit for a while and not pressure myself to post there, or anywhere.

The last of my hotel room photos...

'Night all.


  1. Cool Tattoo. Have you posted other pics of it before? If so please direct me! :)

  2. Very cool, ink!

    Trying to to work at home is never successful as far as I know!

    Hope those guys settle down to some serious business with you soon!!!

  3. I gave up bring work home a long time ago!

    Nice butt ;-)

  4. Hot photo. Great blog.