Sunday, October 20, 2013

online boredom and enigma

Ok y'all. I must be bored because I'm back on OKC. (If you don't know what that is, you probably shouldn't be reading this blog) AFF lasted a hot minute because of ads and pushy selling tactics and a horribly ugly web platform. SLS has been super boring lately. There are a few other sites that we're going to check out because apparently, Mr. Man is bored too. Ha! Sometimes I think there's something wrong with us because we both crave sex with other people when we have each other. Like we shouldn't even be married, except for tax purposes. Its a conflict in mah brain sometimes. Pretty sure it goes along with my growing restlessness and this is some sort of compromise. Hmmmmm. Too much to say on that topic to delve into tonight.

OKC is fun, but as a chick, I get a zillion messages and just have to laugh at most of them and ignore or block. But there are always a few interesting ones...There's one who is particularly charming at the moment and hot as fuck, with the bald head and facial hair thing that I love..and he's of some ethnic persuasion that I can't quite pinpoint yet. Pretty sure he's out of my league but he's fun to talk to for now. I don't have a full face picture on there yet and of course get the "let me see your face pics", to which I have to give the spiel about discretion and jobs and "no face until I'm convinced you're not a creepster or are going to out me and aren't from the Westboro Baptist Church", etc etc. Its exhausting. Thus my conclusion that I must be bored. And restless.

This has been a post.


  1. As a guy on OKC it does not really work for me.. although I am only looking so maybe that is why.. I tend not to message anyone. Or maybe it is the fact that I list Westboro Baptist Church as my religious affiliation...


    1. Ha! Yeah, you gotta stop that.
      For me at the moment, its only serving to alleviate severe restlessness and boredom. :/

  2. Well I am always up for some good chatting if you are bored.. too bad I live so far away to be able to help you in person ;)