Sunday, November 3, 2013

that's some date

Mr. Man made it home safe and sound. We "debriefed" this morning and he is planning to see her again! I never feel its really my place to recount his adventures here and as long as he and I talk about what needs to be discussed, I don't feel the need to share those details with the internet. Its his story and he is free to share it if he wishes,and I kind of wish he would because it sounded super hot! But suffice it to say that sexual activity occurred, along with dinner and a movie. He had a very fun evening with a sweet sexy lady and is a happy man this morning. And that makes me happy too.

Cash kept me in good company last night and we have plans to get together this Friday. Squeeee! I'm very excited to meet him and just plain hang out with him in person. Meeting up with an unattached guy is completely new for me, and not really something I ever thought I'd do. But hell, I never dreamed I'd be in an open marriage until a few years ago either. Life is funny. And pretty damn cool sometimes.



  1. Am I remembering correctly but did not Mr. Man have a blog in the past. Also I used to follow a couple who were your playmates who blogged about your experiences together.

  2. Mr. Man did have a blog for a hot minute but no more. You must be referring to one of two of those blogs is still around I think...the other one, I highly doubt. :)