Saturday, December 7, 2013

lessons from a drunken sleepover

I figured I need to write about the "sleepover" at Cash's if I'm ever going to, so here we go.

The short version, if you're pressed for time or something is that I had fun but my ass got too drunk and didn't have as much control of the situation as I should've, I think he had fun, and we may see each other again at some point, or we may not. Is that too vague? 

Here's the longer, but still somewhat edited, version if you prefer...Cash was running a bit behind so when I got to his place I let myself in, grabbed a beer and settled on the couch. His place is super cozy and comfortable, very manly but not in a gross bachelor pad kind of way. I mean, there were scented candles out y'all. Scented.Candles.

He came downstairs smelling all yummy and we chatted a bit. I had brought some toys and he strongly suggested that I grab my favorite and sit in the chair by the fireplace and use it while he built a fire. From like, real wood. By hand. Built.A.Fire. While I masturbated in the chair. For real.

So he built his sexy fire and then smoked a cigarette and watched me while I played with myself. If you know me and my sexual quirks at all, you know that I am not an easy cummer. And yet, in a bit I was able to let loose and get it done in my usual loud, squirmy, exhausting way. Something about Mr. Cool Cucumber sitting there on the hearth smoking a cigarette in front of the fire he'd just built watching me as if he does this shit with the ladies every day (and hell, maybe he does), worked for me.

I recovered and proceeded to get on my knees and suck his cock. I do love pleasing a man this way. He grabbed my head and made me gag on his length and tear up, which I love. I think he came in my mouth or on my face or hell if I know, but I do remember licking his fingers clean. FYI: I was not drunk at this point, I just honestly don't remember, ha!

We hung out in the living room for a while after that, listening to music and talking a lot. Cash seems to like to talk. I don't mean that in a bad way, just that he has a lot to tell and its genuinely interesting. He should write a book or something. Its funny because later on I remember thinking that I came away feeling like I knew a lot about things that had happened to him, but he knew virtually nothing about me. Hmmmmm.

And oh yes, I drank. Beer and moonshine. I'm a bad Southern girl because I'd never had moonshine before until that night. And probably never will again because holy fuck, that stuff is evil. By now, I am pretty wasted. There was a shower and pissing incident, which I can't even write about because, what the hell? Also shock when I looked at my face in the mirror and realized that Cash had been having a serious conversation for the past hour with a girl with a face blackened by horribly scary running mascara/makeup. I looked like a Day of the Dead mask. Yikes. It was not cute.

We ventured upstairs and proceeded to fuck. And I think we played with a dildo and then passed out for a couple of hours. As badly as I wanted sex that night, I wish I remembered it better. Drunken whore. Sheesh. Luckily I had had the presence of mind to set my cell phone alarm earlier and managed to get up in time to get dressed and get home before Mr. Man had to go to work. 

The moral of this story is that while I had a fun "sleepover" time I will not get trashed out of my mind because I would prefer to have more control over my body and the situation in general than I did. And getting drunk off your ass and the subsequent hangover is for young people without children. Be smart kids, be smart.




  1. Dd you have fun? I know he did ... lol ....

  2. Forget chestnuts roasting on an open fire, I'll take you with a toy any day, and yes, I know how to build a fire by hand, i can even split my own kindling and do it with one match.

    I agree that getting to drunk to remember is a bad sign, it also makes your hands shake while you are trying to shoot video over your shoulder.