Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dave, Poindexter, and faking it on a nooner

Ok, so I caved. Dave and I rescheduled because I'm quite weak, I like sex and he's really good at it, in that aggressive Alpha male kind of way. Its so interesting how different men have different natural styles of fucking. Same for women. Dave's style is confident, assertive, a bit rough, and damn bossy. And I crave those things sometimes but not always.

This encounter was to be a quickie on my lunch hour so I drove to his place and we wasted no time scattering clothing on his living room floor. He sat back on the couch and I sank to my knees in front of his hard and rather large cock. I pleasured him with a sloppy juicy blowjob for a while and then we got out some toys I'd brought. If my coworkers only knew what I carry around in my briefcase...

He commanded me to turn around, bend over, and spread my ass cheeks for him. Grrrrrrr. He has a thing for ass play, which has never been my favorite but I'm warming to it the more I experiment. He explored various parts of me with toy and fingers and then I asked to be fucked. I lay on my back and he mounted me (condom on of course). He still had my rotating dildo g-spot clit stimulator toy (let's just name it Poindexter for simplicity's sake) in his hand and decided to see what it felt like to insert Poindexter and his cock into me at the same time. Know what it felt like? DAMN GOOD that's what. He exploded inside me very soon afterwards and whew, good stuff.

We played around a bit more and while I didn't achieve you-know-what, I was satisfied and not at all disappointed. But I do have a confession...I totally faked it. I swear, I NEVER do that but dude was trying so very hard and I was in a hurry to go and I didn't want it to be a big thing. Sigh. Do not lecture me please. I'm not proud of it as I am of the mindset that I shouldn't have to fake it. Ever. A man has to be willing to get to know my body, work at it and not be afraid to accept a little help from me to witness The Event. And even with all that, his ego has to be able to take it if it just doesn't happen for me. In Dave's defense, he knows I'm not an easy cummer and would have been perfectly ok if I had just said it wasn't going to happen. So I'm not sure why I didn't just say that. I'm weird and broke one of my personal rules by faking it. It won't happen again. See, I just lectured myself so you don't have to.

All of this reminds me that I've been meaning to write a post about the mysteriousness of Bella's Big O, as it is a tricky and elusive bitch. I almost feel like men need to read a user's manual before attempting. Some assembly required and please read all instructions, etc. I shall write such a manual and post it here for reference purposes. You're welcome.

But back to Dave. He had a riding crop and wooden paddle that we tried out. On me of course because I have a spanking thing. This was after playtime and we were just being silly but I did come away with quite the red ass from our little testing session. We then dressed, chatted a bit and I made my way back to the office, sex hair and all. I plan to see him again. Yay, sex!


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