Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kid gets an A+ for confidence

Barely Legal Boy: Always wanted to experience someone your age ;)

Me:  While you're pretty adorable, I think it says in the Constitution somewhere that women "my age" can't fuck anyone who isn't yet old enough to buy me a drink. I should know because I was there when they signed that document. ;) However, give me your school colors and maybe I'll knit you an afghan or something while I'm watching Lawrence Welk this weekend. You're a cutie though. Have a great day!

BLB: Maybe that wasn't the best conversation starter, but I'm pretty sure 18 is just right for anyone. What do you think? ;) don't give me that, you aren't ancient, you're just at that cougar age! ;)

Me:  Lol! (I'm still allowed to say that, aren't I?) You're cracking me up. Thanks, I think. You know I'm totally gonna tell all my friends in the nursing home about this conversation, right?

BLB:  Of course you are, no age limits here. Haha, very funny. I think you're being a little hard on yourself, how about you lay back an let me be the hard one ;) lol.

Me:  Oh I'm just teasing. I'm fully aware of my skills as an older woman. I'll let you ponder what I could do with that hardness while I get my little one to school.

BLB:  Doesn't take much to ponder on, you know very well what you could do with this hardness ;) and what I could do with it. Hmmm home alone? :p

This is where I ended the conversation because I was busy and I figure no need to stroke a cocky teenage boy's ego any more than necessary. Made me smile though. But, no.



  1. He gets an A for effort though, right?

  2. LOL.. I just had a dumb conversation with a guy on a singles site. Only difference was ... he was old.. holding a fish and missing some teeth and too wrapped up in his libido to even have a real conversation. I enjoyed yours though.. very funny !