Tuesday, May 26, 2015

the internets

As I slowly make my way back onto various internet thangs I remember how frustrating it can be. And yet, so very entertaining. I'm back on Fetlife and okc for starters. Vastly different websites but the basic point is the same....people looking for others with similar interests and goals. Whether that be friendship, dating, or fucking. Or any combination of those.

Fet is interesting and sexy and I find less of a vibe of desperation there. I honestly learn a lot from that site and its proven to be a decent BDSM resource for me.

On okc, I get the gamut of sincere curious questions, ridiculous propositions, lame pick up lines, and the occasional intelligent, witty, original message that peaks my interest. For now, it's an interesting diversion and considering I've met a few people on there that I continue to see and consider great friends, it's worth filtering through the douche-bags to find the cool ones.

Speaking of the internet, this blog is in sore need of a makeover, including a new platform other than Blogger given recent changes to their policy on adult content. I'm researching options so we'll see where I end up, but Bella needs a new home and a new look.

So much internet, so little time.


  1. Fortunately, Google got smart and reversed their stance on adult content. That's not a guarantee that they'll change their minds AGAIN in future, but for now, it's the same as it always has been (that is, behind a "this may contain adult content" warning on the front page).

    Nice to have you back, by the way.

    -- PB

    1. Thanks PB, I missed that somehow!

    2. I came damn close to shutting my own doors until they reversed themselves. Just glad they listened to reason. :)

      -- PB