Sunday, February 2, 2014

meet Aaron

First, a couple of notes before I introduce you to Aaron.
  • I had mentioned a few posts before regarding being unsure about the rules of Mr. Man and my relationship boundaries and I don't believe I gave any update on that situation. We had a really great talk a few weeks ago about how things were going and our expectations of each other. I came away feeling really good about that conversation and getting the clarification that I needed. We talked about many things but as far as what I want to share here, the bottom line is that we are each free to do what we want, as long as we practice safe sex and (for me especially), are physically safe and comfortable. I hate confinement and let's be honest, marriage can feel confining sometimes. So this level of freedom suits me to a T.
  • Lest you think I am just running around town having sex willy-nilly, I assure you that I am not. Not that it would matter if I were, mind you. The action in an open relationship seems to be feast or famine. Right now, it's feast and I won't deny that I'm enjoying it. As it should be. Honestly though, while I don't want to limit myself, I don't know that I can handle more than a couple of regular partners outside my marriage at a time. Although I don't talk about it much here, believe it or not, I do have a life outside of sex. That said, Dave and I will be a regular thing for a while I think. And now...

Now enter, Aaron.

We "met" online and began a series of steamy, interesting and at times, intellectual conversations. I could tell this guy was different and y'all know how I like different. A coffee shop meeting was arranged and I busted in the door all breathless from the freezing temperatures and from being late, as is my modus operandi. I spotted him immediately, all handsome and charming, drinking his fancy coffee by the window. Remember when I mentioned that I couldn't find a tall guy? That streak is now broken as Aaron is much taller than I, a nice physical change from my norm.

We greeted each other with smiles and discreet sizing up (at least I did) and then I got in line to order some hot chocolate. While waiting to order, Aaron texted me from behind, "yes I am ogling". Ha. This was somewhat of an inside joke as I had made a reference to him ogling me in a scenario we had discussed previously. But anyway, the timely text made me giggle and say yay for tight sweater dresses and cute boots.

Hot chocolate obtained and Aaron and I talked about all kinds of things for a good while. I'm a sucker for a tall musician with wit and brains, so I knew within minutes that I was interested in taking things further. And when he slyly mentioned taking me on the table behind us, I knew he was as well. Its so nice when people see eye to eye on such things isn't it?

Alas, I had to get to work at some point that day so we headed to our respective vehicles and I asked if I could kiss him. I'm forward like that. Warm kisses in the middle of a freezing parking lot with the promise of more to come? Quite delicious. As was the dark chocolate bar he gifted me before we parted. Great kisser, a beard, physical height, an open mind, philosophical views that greatly match my own, musical talent, and chocolate? There was NO way he wasn't getting into my panties.

And the next day, he did just that.

We've seen each other a couple of times since then. Even had lunch together one day, fully clothed. He lives quite close to my workplace...convenient right? He reads this blog and although I have his blessing to post about our encounters, I'm never sure how much to kiss and tell when I know my partner is reading. It definitely makes me more conscious of what I write. That makes me think of an "ethics in sex blogging" post that I've been stewing about writing. But I'm getting off topic.

Aaron is drama free, extremely open minded, and sex with him is honestly, fucking great. He's more than happy to bring my toys into bed and thank god he doesn't have neighbors because, well, y'all know how loud I can be. We also share a love for um, webcams...being watched and watching others. And I have to mention, he has great hair. I know I'm a weirdo but I love this guy's hair. Thick and wavy and soft and I just really like to touch it. Another thing I like to touch is his cock. A lot. With my mouth. I can't get enough. As you can see from the photo here (edited) that Aaron took for me to show Mr. Man. Hot hot hot.

So that's Aaron. I hope to see him again as long as there is mutual interest. It's very cool to be able to have great sex with someone and not have to worry about drama, jealousy, possessiveness, or any of that shit that can make things complicated. As well, there is so much potential for fun with someone who is open to sharing, in all aspects of the word.