Saturday, September 13, 2014

hot nights and rum cake

He asked me to dress up, so I left my house in black lace hugging every curve and stockings pulled over silky smooth legs.

I got to his place at 10:30pm and he met me at my car and pulled me into a tight hug followed by frenzied deep kisses. His hands ran under my soft cotton dress to find the lace hidden underneath. Hands flew over bodies and clothes were removed and thrown onto the concrete patio. He drew me into the closest doorway which happened to be the guesthouse bedroom. He sat in a chair by the window and I knelt between his legs, he grabbed a handful of my hair and I gave him one of the many things he'd been waiting for since I told him I was coming over that night.

It had been a few weeks and we couldn't get to the fucking part fast enough. We moved to the bed and it was hot in every meaning of the word. Sexy hot and no air conditioning in the South hot. Sweaty, steamy, slick, primal-like fucking. I'd missed him and he me.

Our initial urges sated, we followed the trail of clothes back outside and got caught up on each others regular life happenings. The rest of the night followed a similar pattern of sexual activity, cuddling, conversation, and repeating. We also finally got around to that cliche over-the-bathroom-counter-hang-onto-the-faucet-and-look-into-the-mirror-fuck. And then there was rum cake. 

A night with Cash is like a mini-vacation for my brain and body. We have great fun together and I like him a lot on all the levels. Which means it will probably end soon and I should brace myself. Haha, I'm kidding. Sort of. #cynicalbella #rumcakeisyummy


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